Sunday, March 4, 2012

BFA in progress

So sorry I've been neglecting this blog. BFA work is coming along nicely - I have a little less than a month to go before installing. Here's a little preview of what I've been working on.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Oh, Photoshop, I missed you. I've been sketching out some ideas for my show next semester (April 5th), and it's great to be able to doodle endlessly without wasting any paper. Here's an idea I'll be expanding on:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A murder of prints

If there are murders of crows, there has to be a better name for a group of prints than a 'suite'.

Anyway - PRINTS! With layers on them! I'll be submitting these to the Salvagery show. Sorry for the poor image quality; I'll get 'em properly scanned tomorrow.

Not part of the suite/murder/thing, but I like it:

Friday, October 21, 2011


Carved some tiny 1x1 inch rubber stamps today during the Visiting Artists workshop and ended up with lots of little images on giant paper:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Linocuts and umbrella people

Getting ready to do another handmade book. This one's going to be a mix of linocut, lithography, and possibly some screenprinting, along with some regular old pen and ink. I'm planning to experiment with layering prints on semi-transparent papers and mylar. It's nice to be working with linoleum again, I haven't used it in over a year. I've got about six lino plates in progress at the moment, here are three of the more finished ones - still got a bit of work to do on all of them, but they're almost done. I'll be proofing them within the next couple of days.

The narrative so far is fairly loose. I'm letting this one develop as I go rather than overthink it. There's a lot of stuff about rain and flooding in it, and these little umbrella people are back again - I first used one of them in my "Monster" book, but the image started popping up in my sketchbooks a couple months before that. It comes up most often when I'm trying to describe anxiety and confusion, possibly because it's a figure that hides itself behind something else.

Edit: Wow, I just found a notebook of mine from 2007 with couple of early versions of this umbrella image. Guess it's been around longer than I had thought.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Work in progress - comic

Been playing with an idea for a comic, here's the first two pages (which will probably be redone). I've always liked the image of people with their feet encased in concrete. This guy got dumped in the desert instead of the lake. Apologies for the weird tonal quality, I need to get myself a scanner.